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Savor Fine Foods


Savor the Difference

Savor Fine Foods is a micro-bakery specializing in unique hand-made short bread cookies. We took the humble shortbread cookie, mixed it with some surprising ingredient combinations and created a line of cookies that are sweet, savory, and spicy! Based in Connecticut, our vision of the company is to build a community and audience that appreciates non-traditional flavors and understands the pleasure of food. We offer a variety of flavors that are extraordinary and we make them with care and love.


Quality Ingredients

We use the best quality ingredients available and look to our local community to find them. We try to give our customers tastes that are new and interesting. Our Naugatuck cookie with birch beer has a zesty, root beer-like zing; and Emma Jean, is a tasty trio of coconut, lime, and hot pepper. We love to see the delight in the face of a customer once they chew one of our tiny bits of joy — whether it be rosemary, lemon, and sea salt; garlic and lime, or a cookie with dried shallot, or one infused with lavender flowers.


André Kreft

André Kreft, owner and founder of Savor grew up in Connecticut, and lived for many years in the San Francisco Bay Area working as a visual artist. He grew up in a home where meals were celebrations. Drawing deep from his personal experiences and his connection with the profound cultural variety of California, he redirected his creativity towards food production when he returned to his home state. He was raised to believe that eating is an essential part of living with the utmost appreciation for good things: that which we take, give, and share with grace.